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                                    A w a r d     W i n n i n g    L i c e n s e d    A r c h i t e c t                                                              


Wabi-Sabi Architectural principle outlined (East to West comparison to Beauty)

Architecture Design Philosophy Defined
e a s t    p e r s p e c t i v e                         w e s t   p e r s p e c t i v e
The bowl is hollow, open and free shaped antithesis The box is rectilinear, precise and contained
Simple and sparing (It's what you leave out that counts) antithesis Cluttered and full
Non demanding beauty antithesis Quintessential supreme rule to aesthetics
Non utility, non-purpose, sustaining empty meaning antithesis Survival of function and utility to uses
Solicits into sensory expansion of possibilities antithesis Desolate sensory with excessive definition
Comforts uncertainly & unconventionality antithesis Intolerant with ambiguity or contradictions, requires strong definitions in order to withhold substance
Seemingly Crude (Primordial and natural materials) antithesis Ostensibly slick (New artificial manufactured materials)
Earthy, Intimate and warm antithesis Sterile and hygienic
Unpretentious and obscured antithesis Pretentious, ornate, gaudy & flashy
To everything there is a season to change antithesis Strained for everlasting
Favors degradation and attrition (Free to change) antithesis Requires maintenance and excessive attention
Diminish to evolve to nothing (Dissolved) antithesis Requires restoration, fixing and reviving
Revives naturally through change in time antithesis Revamp/replace or change in pace to exhaustive trends
Weathering/contamination generates rich expression antithesis Purity is divine, decay is weak
Imperfect and incomplete antithesis Strains improvement and perfectionism



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