Existing Building

structure analysis 


As licensed professionals, we expand our services beyond typical buyer/seller inspections for the real estate market. We inspect property using extensive checklists and detailed audits. Our reports provide an analysis of both immediate and long-term investment strategies for phasing construction and modernizing to go green.
Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) along with Seismic Structural Risk Assessments can assess property conditions as base line for providing reports to assist investors, developers, businesses, and lenders in the decision making process when purchasing, selling, leasing, lending investing, upgrading, altering and phasing improvements to a property.

Without appropriate inspections to manage maintenance budgets, deferred maintenance items may require costly replacement prematurely. Instead, a final survey of deficiencies, with recommendations for expedient repair to deferred maintenance, and remedies can be produced in a detailed report with a supporting log of photos. For smaller projects, such as residences, we provide a narrative assessment report. Some projects require only a quick visual walk-through of the subject property to provide a professional opinion for property comparisons, before performing a deeper commitment that would mitigate financial risk or liability to the client. For other projects, a broad scope of studies should be undertaken.

Our office can provide additional inspection and testing services for a more in-depth view of the property. You can specify deviations to meet individual needs based upon proposed building use. Services that are more comprehensive than conventional inspection standards are available. Some examples would include dismantling and testing of equipment, regular Construction Inspection and peer review surveys, Mold Inspections, Warranty Inspections, Yearly Inspections, Air Quality, Energy Usage, Grading and Drainage, Structural Deficiencies and Historic Renovations. These and other expanded assessment services are conducted by multidisciplinary teams of licensed architects and specialized engineers, who develop immediate and long term reports that keep buildings functioning properly while extending their useful lives.

In addition, as architects we can computerize the entire project onto an electronic file with CAD drawings, providing an as-built electronic files. Taking a step further, we input graphic data into an expansion of services, including ADA compliance, energy conservation audits, and feasibility options for proposed major alterations, modernization or additions. This information can later generate upgrades along with green enhancements, and other modernization for rehab to your capital improvements. Our office can generate retrofit blueprint drawings from design through end-of-bid and construction.

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