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                                           Licensed # C-24445

John A. Salat; Member of A.I.A. & C.G.B.P
California Licensed Architect and Certified Green Professional

   A licensed Architect, award winning designer who's published with OC Home and Garden Magazine, the Register and national TV documentary, affirms his utilization to using a unique design approach.  John Salat's comprehensive experience inclusively packages architectural design with multi-engineering disciplines. With over 600 projects to his belt, his experience engages 35 years of both residential and commercial design. John Salat continues expanding his expertise seeking new methods of materials to wed to the best of current technologies while maintaining a simplicity of expression to most appealing design.

    Before establishing his own architectural business, Salat served as an Associate Architect at a University of California where he directed multiple projects from design stage through final construction. His responsibilities included the coordination of faculty user groups with top most recognized recognized architectural firms of international fame. During Salat's tenure as an Associate with a local architecture firm, he oversaw a Design Specification Department for projects generating millions in construction revenue. The firm grew to develop an international reputation for design excellence. Other established firms have contracted John's expertise in project coordination, specifications, codes, and building systems. He later provided professional consulting services to other architects, operating as an "Architect's Architect". For these firms, he oversaw quality control of multi-million dollar projects (30 million+ size) to a staff team of licensed architects. Mr. Salat's comprehensive full-service engagement begins with managing the project from the outset of design phase through end of completion of the building, to ensure fast-tracked schedules are all completed on time and within budget. 

        John Salat's history of affiliations with AIA, CSI, CGBP and other industry associations, both private and at the public sector level continue to enhance his career. As an educator and author, he has published articles on building code updates, contract options and land use alternatives articles for industry magazines and the American Institute of Architects (O.C.A.I.A. Chapter). Other publications includes, E-local, OC Register, OC Home magazine, Readers Digest Home, and many others including a personal TV and radio interviews.  Additionally, John has served on several local planning boards, chaired A.I.A. State government meetings between state with local agencies for emergency community programs as well as served in other capacities making major contributions through SACC to the growth of Southern Orange County. His volunteer efforts continue to ongoing benefit our communities and the business sectors.  

Personal Interest/Public Attention: In addition to studying and practicing mainstream architecture, John Salat has applied parallel his 35 years to intuitive design systems through incorporating multi-culture design elements into practice. In his travel to China has invested in continuing education on energy-infused art, bio-energy, human health associated with our living environment and has accomplished an award for self-published book. His architecture examples has also been published through multi-media including a personal television documentary of his unique edge. For more information on his distinctive programs of "living energy" using bio-environmental energy, see Developing a Design Program.

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State Board of Architects Licensed Status at CAGOV

2016 recognition for the Lake Forest Small Business Excellence Awards in demonstrating excellent customer service and community involvement as part of an exclusive group that have achieved this selection.

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