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Zen Minimalism

Sumi-e Brush Painting

Painted By Architect John A. Salat

Sumi Brush
                by John Salat

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In Sumi-e painting the white background is the abyss, dominating empty space. This open area magically captures the primary object to unfolding into a story on open canvas.

Sumi-e art transform a fluid dance of transcending ethereal qualities of ever-changing form. The observer submerge and vanish behind the hidden vignettes from the heart of the paper. Formations may be sublime and suggestive yet the very essence of simplicity extracts it as real.

The paper may be the superficial skin of the painting, yet the real medium starts from the artist's energy. Flowing to the fingers down where the brush is held, finally reaching the paper as it ignites to shed life. When you paint nature, be the nature you paint, like the flower or the bird so your energy is fused by subjects energy as your energy paints it.

As mysterious and subtle, the ethereal quality such of clouds, mist, vapours, and breath partake the light impression of Yin while the stronger strokes of rocks, trees or ground act the leading row of Yang. These energetic Yin/Yang qualities stirs the bridge of two worlds in harmonic balance.

Contact: John Salat at freeingwinds@earthlink.net or call 949-235-4847

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