sustainable design 

Our History on Energy Conservation dates back as far as my internship following the 1973 Emergency Energy Act. John Salat was personally involved in many energy conservation projects which he worked on and was cited for honor in this area, and received prestigious Owens-Corning Awards. The energy-saving techniques developed for those projects earned much attention from the industry and are still used today.  In a moving technology, our firm receives continuing education from organizations on matters of green innovation. Our firm uses these methods, taking a holistic approach into green design.

Professional service outline     WHY GREEN?
The concept of "going green" sustainability is both socially responsible and earth friendly. Integrating green methods allows savings in utility consumption while sustaining human comfort. These methods are not just creating desirable habitation spaces, but they could reduce utility operating costs to zero or even allow building owners to harvest energy for profit. The real value of green design is that it achieves ecological harmony between people and their immediate environment, while protecting the planet, improving one's health, and increasing human productivity. Incorporating green/sustainable technology into buildings makes business sense.

Some of the benifts going green

  It attracts new types of clients, tenants and customers.
  It creates a refreshing image that gives you an edge over your competition and gives you standing as an environmental leader.
  It reduces risks of future energy inflation while reaping profit from lowered operating cost.
  It improves health and morale of people which increases the value of their  working and living environment.
  It uses government-funded incentives and utility rebates to reap immediate construction savings.
  It enables building owners take advantages of tax incentives in form of Federal deferred tax credits while  structure is in service for long term
  Green dollars return to you via Integrating green architecture can make dollars and sense. Our firm has reliable staff who understand how to return cost savings to you quickly from the latest incentive programs offered by city, county, state, federal and utility organizations. There are programs both for residential green buildings and for commercial green buildings:
Residential Green Building Incentives. Many incentives are designed to give additional local and state tax credits, along with utility rebates, should you exceed the current requirements for energy efficiency. In combination, these credits can easily amount to thousands of dollars.

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